Don’t Worry Be Ha-PEA: 101 Deliciously Clever Food Puns by Marie Saba will tickle your funny bone as it brings to life creative and inspirational good puns that test your knowledge of pop culture, touristy attractions, cartoon characters, and much more. Her tasty visual puzzles are intriguing and appetizing. This is a perfect gift or coffee table book for anyone who appreciates good food and clever word play, reminding us all that humor can be found in the most unlikely of places. Published by Familius, distributed by Hatchet.

MENUPAUSE, Five Unique Eating Plans to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau and Improve Mood, Sleep and Hot Flashes by Anna Cabeca includes more than 125 detoxifying and hormone healing recipes. Based on solid research and evidence, this breakthrough book provides an effective and easy-to-follow creative plan to combat the consequences of menopause. The delicious recipes are designed to energize and free women who often find themselves strangers in their own bodies. A must for every woman’s bookshelf.  Published by Rodale. 

THE JOY OF WEEDS, A Celebration of Wild Plants, by Paul Farrell is an eye-opening indispensable guide to all you need to know about weeds. Who knew that weeds were essential plants for birds and insects, can ease minor ailments, and can even be transformed into your lunch! Witty and fully illustrated, THE JOY OF WEEDS will help you discover the fascinating properties of weeds, their culinary uses, plus their traditional names and history in myth and folklore. Bottom line, we should love weeds, not hate them as one person’s weeds are another’s wild beauty. Published by Portico, an imprint of Pavilion Books Company.

LILACS, Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden by Naomi Slade with photography by Georgianna Lane celebrates this late-Spring icon, a flower that combines exquisite nostalgia with timeless elegance. Published by Gibbs Smith. A lavish and practical study of this fabulous and essential part of the spring season.

MICHTER’S US*1 Barrel Strength Rye, 111.6 proof, a stunning, bold sipping experience with layers of sweetness and spice along with gentle oak maturity. $100 a bottle and well worth it. A rich, complex whiskey full of depth. https://michters.com/

No & Low Non Alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay, the perfect non-alcoholic bubbly for any occasion. Amazing, it actually tastes just like the real thing! We enjoyed the fresh and delicate bouquet of pear & dried apricot. On the palate, we were dazzled with its medium body that is dry with a balanced acidity, effervescent, tart green apple, unripened pear, lime zest and kiwi with a flavorful and lasting finish. $18.99 a bottle. https://drinknolow.com/


Constantly Varied Gear’s new high-impact bra, edgy fitness apparel that’s tailored to the needs of women living healthy lifestyle, another quality product from this company whose products and content speak to real women and their real lives. The bra features a more secure fit and enables adjustments for each and every unique body it zips onto. We love this bra because it screams the same message CVG does: we are unique, we are strong, and we are empowered! http://www.constantlyvariedgear.com

Award-winning bacon from The Baconer, an artisan producer exclusively focused on one incredible product: bacon. Forging a unique style characterized by responsible sourcing, chef-driven flavors, and hard to find cuts, The Baconer’s mission is to create ways to enjoy and cook with America’s favorite food (ahem, bacon!) for a new generation of home cooks, chefs and photo-snapping foodies. 

Through years of tinkering and tasty R&D, the husband and wife team of Camilo Velasquez and Elisa Lewis have perfected a collection of drool-worthy craft bacon and related products that offer something genuinely unique. The Baconer starts with the best pork — that means responsibly sourced pork belly from hogs who are fed an all-natural, vegetarian diet; raised hormone and antibiotic free; and on farms who do not use farrowing or gestation crates. 

The Baconer prioritizes exceptional ingredients to craft richly-flavored products ready to ship to true-blue bacon lovers all over the United States—putting you in control of your culinary adventure. Our favorite products are their bacon steaks and their rubs. If that sounds like the best thing ever, contact The Baconer, www.thebaconer.com

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