Salmon is one of the most popular fish in the United States, and the full-flavored flesh is sturdier than white fish, making it perfect for grilling. The rich flavor complements the smokiness and char imparted by your grill. Just ask Sebastian Goycoolea – Chilean expat who has been importing the very best Chilean salmon to the U.S. as CEO of BluGlacier and Oshenhttps://oshensalmon.com

Oshen is BluGlacier’s Direct to Consumer brand that delivers sustainably raised salmon straight to your door 7 days fresher than anything you can find at retail. The most fresh Atlantic salmon is ocean-raised in the pristine waters of Patagonia in Chile. The name Oshen was derived from how the company raises its fish — in the beautiful ocean, not in tanks. 

We recently tried some Oshen salmon–it was pefection, impeccably fresh with a pinkish hue and a unique delicate flavor–without a doubt the best salmon we have ever tasted!

Just in time for summer, Sebastian offers tips to master the art of salmon grilling all season long.

  1. Start with Good Quality Salmon  
    Whether it be wild or farmed salmon, look for responsibly managed fisheries that minimize their ecological impact. Wild salmon have a stronger fish flavor because their diet consists mainly of other fish, shellfish and marine organisms (krill). Wild salmon are less fatty and softer so they grill faster and break more easily. Farmed salmon are fatter so they are less prone to overcooking and firmer so they can withstand rough handling better. I personally recommend our Premium Atlantic Salmon that can be delivered straight to your door via www.oshensalmon.com and available at top wholesalers such as Kroger, CostCo and Sam’s Club.
  2. Prepping
    Always rinse fish as a first prep step. Leaving the skin on protects the fish and makes it easier on the grill as it helps hold the meat together.  I use maple syrup or honey on my salmon. It caramelizes and adds nice sweetness.  I also put on dry rubs or crushed fresh herbs. Any flavoring you like is fine –or none at all is great as well! The grill adds its own flavor. To prep the grill, I scrape it down to make sure it’s completely clean, then use olive oil spray to ensure good slip when flipping.
  3. Grilling
    I start with high heat and sear the meat side until it is about 1/4 cooked- this takes less than two minutes. I then flip the fillet, turn the heat down, close the grill lid and cook the fillet on indirect heat until the salmon starts to flake where it is thin at the tail.  The belly and tail will be well done.  The crown and shoulders of the fillet will be less cooked for those who like salmon medium rare.  Note: you know your salmon is ready when you can slide your spatula under the meat and above the skin easily. The skin will stick to the grill and the meat will break free. *PRO TIP: To avoid sticking, move the salmon around a little right after you put it down. It sears quickly and this little shift breaks the bond so that it can be easily moved again later.  This trick works on both meat and skin sides equally well.
  4. Serving
    Since you have the grill, roast some veggies next to the fish. In the summer I roast corn on the grill. It takes longer than the fish, so you’d need to put it on earlier.
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