BREAKING 80 AT 80: A Story About a Round of Golf Jack Santee was a man with a mission… 80 years in the making was written by Wes St. Clair and his way with words makes fascinating and compelling reading. This little book is also filled with useful practical advice.

Here’s the story: For his 80th birthday, Santee determined to shun his friends and fellow golfers and focus all of his hopes into a grand quest: breaking a score of 80 at Old Oak Country Club. The trouble was, he hadn’t come close in decades.

His career in advertising had been long and successful, but his skills at golf had failed to follow the same trajectory. After finding less and less satisfaction in the sport, Jack had finally put himself under the influence of a coach and a golf psychologist to see if he could turn his game around. Now he was putting those years of training to the test. And if he could balance all of the conflicting advice and avoid the distractions of unexpected visitors and his own self-doubts, he just might have a chance of breaking 80.

A slim chance, perhaps. But Jack was willing to see just how far a birthday wish could go. BREAKING 80 AT 80 is a tale told across the span of eighteen holes, a single-plane golf swing enthusiast, and a fine companion to Mr. St. Clair’s very worthy debut book, A STORY ABOUT SELLING A RANCH. Both books are available on Amazon.

RUNNING WILD: Inspirational Trails from Around the World is a beautifully illustrated, global guide to the most scenic trail runs, from the editors of Like the Wind running magazine, with a foreword by running legend Dean Karnazes. 

From the heights of the Alps, the majestic Himalayas, and the snowy expanses of the Arctic to the iconic red rocks of Arizona, the jungles of Latin America, and the outback Down Under, this book presents an incredible variety of routes that stretch through some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. RUNNING WILD brings each destination to life through a different trail runner’s story, providing practical information and maps for runners visiting each spot and detailing what makes each location so spectacular. Stunning photography provides inspiration in every chapter, revealing breathtaking experiences that anyone can access with just a pair of sneakers and the will to explore. 

This book has bright words and stunning photography to show what makes each destination so spectacular, as well as practical information to keep you moving on the ground.

RUNNING WILD  demonstrates that the opportunities for adventure are endless: a wide variety of routes are covered that stretch over mountains, forests and deserts, in hot climates and frigid ones, through some of the most untamed and beautiful places on Earth. You’ll discover those places through the lens of 16 local guides, who each run you through their favorite routes. Whether you run great distances or are just starting out, you’ll enjoy this work of artistry. Published by Thames & Hudson.


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