Live out princess dreams at Dromoland Castle

Dromoland Castle launches two packages for princesses in training

Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland dates to the 16th century and with its crenellated battlements, walled garden, and grand hallways and suites, every guest feels like they’ve entered a fairytale. Now for the littlest visitors, there are two new packages to make dreams of being a princess real (at least for a day!).

Princess of the Castle

Being a princess is more than beauty and good manners; strength and kindness make a true princess. Princess Lilah will accompany little girls for a special royal day and teach them the ways of a true Celtic princess in time for a coronation.

What does the day entail?

  • A royal room service breakfast
  • A princess gown
  • Trip to the spa for hair and nails
  • Lessons on deportment, song, and traditional dance routines
  • In the Great Kincora Hall, surrounded by her royal family, the princess will sign the ancient Celtic book at Dromoland Castle and be declared a princess and presented with a certificate and crown
  • Following the coronation, the princess and her family celebrate with a royal afternoon tea

Price: €1,050, a bargain for your special princess.

Honorary Princess of the Castle

In this package, the day will begin in the same way (with room service, a beautiful dress, and hair and nails at the spa, and a day with Princess Lilah), but when it is time for the coronation ceremony, the quill to sign the ancient Celtic book will have been stolen!

The soon-to-be princess will then follow a series of clues around the castle grounds with Princess Lilah to discover the missing quill (which will be found in a magical box that can only be opened by a real princess).

The celebration will culminate with a royal tea for the princess and her family. Price: €4,500, a small price to pay for a beloved royal.

About Dromoland Castle 

Set on 450 acres of parkland with 97 rooms and suites, Dromoland Castle dates back to the 16th century when it was home of the O’Brien family, whose lineage dates back 1,000 years to Brian Boru, one of the last High Kings of Ireland. Converted to a hotel in the 1960s, it exhibits the best of its regal Irish heritage.   Visit

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