We first tasted biltong on a surfing trip back in the 70s and fell in love with its delicate flavor, texture and distinct smokey vinegary subtlety.

For anyone who might confuse biltong with jerky, let us set the record straight: these two on-the-go treats are actually very different. Jerky originates from North and South America, while biltong is a South African delicacy. Both share beef as their main ingredient but jerky is usually cooked using with very lean cuts; biltong allows for more versatility and requires vinegar, salt and simple spices to cure and marinate the meat before the drying process. Jerky is marinated and immediately dried out, no curing involved. Biltong has a distinct meat taste and is often soft and chewy, sometimes dry and crumbly; jerky is tougher. We believe biltong is the healthier of the two due to its reliance on natural and simple flavors and the fact that it is significantly higher in protein.

We have found the absolute finest biltong and it is being produced right here in the United States. Bru’s Biltong is air-dried to perfection, 100% USDA certified beef, and it tastes better than any beef jerky we’ve ever tried. This is  the most savory and tender biltong can be, as opposed to sweet or artificial, like beef jerky can taste. Bru’s uses a tried and tested family recipe and their focus is on taste and quality vs variety and mediocrity.

Choose from Sliced Biltong (from $7.99), Snapsticks (thinly sliced strips from $7.99), Dry Wors (farmer’s sausage from $7.99) or Biltong Slab ($25.99, the pinnacle, a fresh chunk of unsliced fresh magic).  Bru’s founder and CEO is Steve “Bru” Isaacs, and he’s passionate about making the world’s best, freshest, flavorful biltong, utilizing the finest ingredients and a whole lot of love. It has zero sugar, perfect for a low-card diet. ,Visit And don’t forget the traditional South African greeting “Howzit bru?!” when you meet a fellow biltong lover.

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