You won’t be washing your hair while you are glamping, so keep it looking shiny and healthy by applying a vitamin serum to it daily!

Introduce your hair to a liquid gold, vitamin serum! Ellips are hair vitamins, serum capsules packed with nutrients to tame your mane! They are meant for daily use on hair that faces sun, water, color, and free radical damage. Ellips pre-portioned capsules are formulated to nourish all different types of hair. From dry, damaged, colored and hair from all different backgrounds, Ellips will be your hair’s must-have! It’s almost addicting how well it works. Each serum capsule is enriched with natural Moroccan oil and specific vitamins like A, C, E, and Pro Vit B-5 to meet your haircare needs. It helps repair, creates natural shine and smoothes out frizz, overall making it easier to manage! It’s easy to use, just apply on damp, combed, hair to the ends and then blow dry! You can style as usual. Visit https://ellipshaircare.id/en

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