Malibu Popoyo: All-Inclusive Nicaraguan Surf Resort

Nicaragua is a magical place, the largest country in Central America with incredible volcanoes, massive lakes, unspoiled beaches, historic colonial cities and warm friendly people.

We found a gem of a spot in Malibu Popoyo, a tranquil, 12 room boutique hotel in the countryside, to enjoy all Nicaragua’s many charms. Healthy living is the theme at Malibu Popoyo, with yoga, horseback riding, and organic food freshly prepared at all meals that’s harvested from the hotel’s nearby organic farm. Malibu’s smiling, friendly, enthusiastic staff knew our first names from the moment we arrived and never failed to brighten our days. Their attention was unobtrusive yet so gracious and caring, we soon also knew the Malibu team on a first name basis.

Their sincere friendliness and the way they quickly learned to anticipate our needs and odd requests throughout our stay imparted a fun, familial atmosphere to our experience. Tours can easily be arranged, such as to the lakes and volcanos.

Also popular is a day trip to the historic colonial city of Granada, a fascinating glimpse into the nation’s tumultuous and dramatic history. Malibu Popoyo has their own organic farm, La Quinta, beautifully planned, designed and maintained by Eliezer, a local agronomist, whom we had the pleasure of meeting on the farm. Eliezer specializes in organic farming and designed the farm so that the plants work together to symbiotically nourish each other and the soil, and ward off insects. Incredibly, their daily harvests end up in beautifully prepared dishes at the hotel. From breakfast with fresh organic eggs and fruit, to freshly caught seafood at dinner, we never saw processed or packaged food our entire stay.

Outdoor adventures, yoga, horseback riding, while eating organic and fresh had us feeling restored and relaxed. There is good WiFi, a pool and wonderful gardens. For more information,

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