We love gift giving… How about you?

For every tea lover in your life: gorgeous gift baskets, gift cards and customized tea collections from Tea Runners, http://www.tearunners.com.

Tea Runners was established in 2016 and offers four boxes to choose from, an Original Tea Box, Black Tea Box, Herbal Tea Box and Pure Tea Box. You can order those as is, call it a day and enjoy four pouches of carefully curated, award-winning teas each month. 

But here’s the real beauty of it, you can then further your tailor made tea picks and choose from 30+ featured teas per month, ensuring you receive exactly what you want and allowing you to explore new flavors and exciting ingredients even further.  

Also available on Amazon and affiliated with ShareASale + Skimlinks.

There is no better time to gift worldly scents than right now. If you find yourself longing for a vacation and looking to be transported to a peaceful memory, Artistscent has the candles for you. From the Canadian mountains to the exotic sands of the Greek Isles, the extraordinary scents will take you across the world with just one sniff. 

Choose from Evergreen, Polynesian Waves, Coral, Pebbles or Cityscape, these treasured scented candles are available at fine stores or go to scents https://artistscent.com/.

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