Some can’t miss gift books for the kids

SWEET DREAMS, LIL PAW by Bruce Dierking, Illustrated by Penny Weber, a charming story about a little pup with big dreams….nothing is going to hold her back! Visit http://www.the

LITTLE IMPERFECTIONS, A Tall Tale of Growing Up DIfferent by Peet Montzingo and Rockwell Sands teaches that we’re all different and you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

GIVING GAL and the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza by Stephanie L. Jones and illustrated by Angela Valieva reminds us of the power of our strengths gives encouragement by showing kindness and making sure that friends are included.

STERLING AND NUGGET THE DRAGON by Judd D. Shaw, illustrated by Marrieta Gal fosters growth in a child’s social and emotional development by encouraging the knight in shining armor in us all.

SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE, a children’s picture book with song lyrics by R.E.M. and illustrations by Paul Hoppe with Shinyeon Moon celebrates friendship and togetherness. Published by Akashic Books.

Ziggy Marley’s MUSIC IS EVERYTHING illustrated by Ag Jatkowska is a tribute to music’s many forms from ocean waves to laughter in the family kitchen.

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