Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company: Limoncello Holiday Gift Boxes

Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company is our number one source for marvelous holiday gift boxes and corporate holiday catalogue. They offer six limoncello dessert gift boxes, all of which can be shipped nationwide and come with a variety of baked goods, a holiday gift note, holly, and real evergreens. ENTREE can vouch for their delicious limoncello biscotti, limoncello truffles and limoncello cookies. Visit: https://www.fabrizialemonbakingcompany.com/collections/gift-boxes

Fabrizia Spirits, the leading limoncello producer in the United States, launched Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company in 2020 as a way to extend their passion and “zest” for lemons, limoncello, and the Fabrizia brand in a way that everyone, including non-alcoholic beverage consumers, can enjoy. Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company has been one of the fastest growing direct to consumer online bakeries with over 10,000 individual orders throughout the continental USA in the first year.

“We are excited to release our new holiday gift boxes and continue to share another integral aspect of our Italian upbringing, food. All our baked goods are made from scratch with exceptional quality, including all natural ingredients and of course Sicilian lemons and Limoncello, which the Fabrizia brand is known for” said Phil Mastroianni, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company.

Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company also launched their group and corporate holiday catalogue. A 10% discount is offered on group orders and there is an option for organizations to add their logo to their custom holiday cards. Their catalogue can viewed here: https://www.fabrizialemonbakingcompany.com/pages/corporate-orders

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