LEONARDO and the TIME TRAVELERS by Marian Lye and Patty McGuigan with illustrations by Rebekah Reif takes readers on the adventure of a lifetime with the great artist, scientist, engineer and traveler. And what a fun adventure it is as Poppy and Jack time travel with “Nardi” as he confronts today’s technology, curious as ever. This book is a unique collaboration of five women from around the world. They have told a story gracefully and amusingly about a man who loved to learn and about two young people facing challenges alongside Leonardo as they all make unique discoveries. Even Walt DIsney makes an appearance here before Nardi heads back into history and the kids end their summer they will never forget.

POMP, SNOW, & CIRQUEumstance is an exciting and magical holiday story about three elves learning magic and circus skills at a secret university. After receiving their diplomas from Santa, the friends share their special gifts with the world and learn a valuaberl lessom in humility and servce to others.

PT RUNS FREE by Jason Kraus, illustrated by Connor Dehaan, a picture book based on a true story about a dog who faces challenges but never gives up. A tale of positivity and determination.

MUSIC IS EVERYTHING by Ziggy Marley, illustrated by Ag Jatkowska is based on Ziggy’s popular song celebrating music in many forms from the sounds of ocean waves to laughter in the family kitchen.

GIVING GAL and the Christmas Cookie Extravaganza by Stephanie L. Jones and illustrated by Angela Valieva teaches kindness and the importance of including friends. A heartfelt story that reminds us of the power of our strengths and how, when we come together, magical moments happen.

SWEET DREAMS, LIL PAW by Bruce Dierking, illustrated by Penny Weber, is all about bedtime told through the eyes of a pup who’s got big dreams and nothing is going to hold her back. http://www.the

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