Find the perfect gift for everyone 

Give the gift of uninterrupted sleep! Never let poor sleep interfere with anyone’s life again: The Manta Sleep Mask is a revolutionary innovation that uses an amazing new design that blocks out 100% of light and puts zero pressure on eyes. Infinitely adjustable for a perfect, personalized fit. Gentle, snag-free fasteners don’t catch or pull on hair; zero eye pressure enables easy blinking, super soft breathable fabric gives unmatched comfort in any position. We assure you will get the deepest sleep possible with the Manta Sleep Mask,

Survive and thrive this winter with a ROAM Homegrown candle. Created in small batches in Austin, Texas with the highest quality soy wax, a Roam candle burns ever so brightly with dreamy fragrances and cotton wicks. Let’s face it, Wintertime candles are a must! ROAM Homegrown is a woman-owned brand that offers perfectly poured large soy candles with only natural scents and phthalate-free fragrance. Boasting five collections; Classic, Smoke, Cream, and Retro, scents range from best-selling Lavender + Driftwood to exotic Dry Gin + Cypress.  Also available on Amazon and Etsy.  A large candle is priced at $40.

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