A Sock Subscription Box that Chooses Themed Designs According to the Month

Lisa Riggs, serial sock entrepreneur and CEO of Spirit Sox U.S.A, has launched her “Sockworthy Surprise” subscription box, containing two pairs of premium socks with limited edition, unique designs that remain a surprise until the package arrives, and monthly subscriptions are $18 or less. While most companies only offer gendered options, Sock-Worthy Surprises are available in men’s, women’s and unisex designs.

ENTREE has tried these socks and happily reports one size fits all. Talented graphic designers have produced universally fun designs that are unique and something you can’t go buy in a store.  Themes are relevant to the month of the sock delivery and designs the socks around that. We loved the socks themed to Rubber Ducky Day and National Blueberry Pancake Day.

Lisa says, “They are one-size-fits-all, so no need to know someone’s size if you give the socks as a gift. It is a one-time transaction that will keep on giving monthly, for the amount of time you sign up for. However, we won’t be doing hearts in February; we will come up with something much more creative than that. We have a small group of trusted advisors that we run the designs by to ensure we are appealing to all age groups and gender identifications. We also listen to our customers and social followers and are incorporating their ideas for a great sock design.”

Looking for something to spread the word about your business or organization? Everyone will love high-quality custom socks Spirit Sox will custom design that show off your logo and colors. More information at http://www.spiritsoxusa.com

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