New mouthwatering food discoveries

We absoluely love Sam’s Famous Salsa which comes in three strengths: Mild, with all of the mmmm and none of the ow; Medium, with a little bit of kick; and Tears of Joy that will awaken your taste bids with a blast of heat.

In a sea of red salsas available at grocery stores and online, Sam’s Famous Salsa stands above the rest because, with every bite, you can truly taste and appreciate the hearty, crisp flavors of this authentic Hispanic salsa. Only using the freshest produce and a state-of-the-art cold pasteurization process called HPP, other salsas on the market are mostly heat pasteurized and cooked at 145 degrees. This causes the product to lose its fresh taste and then the need for shelf-life extenders, flavorings, or fillers. Not Sam’s! There is no vinegar, xantham gum, articifiial preservatives, flavors, or stabilizers ever added at Sam’s. Non-GMO, low sodium, and Gluten-free certified, Sam’s Famous Salsa is the real deal. Visit

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