A must-have for spring travel: FACTORFIVE’s travel minis

More people are planning to travel in 2023, and if you’re making plans for spring, keep your skin in mind. Millions of travelers head to the beach to soak in the sun, and they’ll likely need to give their skin some extra TLC between sunburns and traveling.

FACTORFIVE’s travel minis are a must-have skincare cocktail for traveling. Instead of having dry, cracked, sun damaged skin, the products work at the cellular level to help skin restart critical processes and collagen/elastin production to keep skin hydrated and youthful. The human stem cell growth factors deliver a deeper moisturizing boost while also helping the skin learn to repair itself after travel damage and days without sunscreen.

The FactorFive skincare travel kit replenishes growth factors that deplete as we get older. Made from ethically acquired human stem cells, they help reduce the signs of aging. You’ll feel good about using FactorFive. They aren’t tested on animals and are free from parabens, phthalates, urea, DEA, and TEA.

The regenerative serum, anti-aging cream, and eye/lash cream reduce wrinkles, pores, and redness, lengthens lashes, and give lash volume.

The FACTORFIVE skincare travel kit includes:

You can buy the travel kit if you want all three items. Or just buy the individual products you’ll use the most.

Unlike some other products, the applicator recesses into the mini. Simply twist the cap to the right so that it pops up. Pump to apply. Then twist to the right to close. Avoiding spills and leakage, the recessed applicator won’t get pressed in your Ziploc bag.

Pro-tip: There’s a recessed applicator built into the container for the full-size version.

You can also buy these beauty products in larger non-travel sized for home use. Visit https://www.travelingwellforless.com/factorfive-skincare-travel-kit/

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