Perfect Gifts For Father’s Day

RIOT PWR will turn his mobile into a gaming console anytime. This new mobile game controller is here to make winning a habit for him (or you). The full size mobile controller features updated menu and option buttons along with an improved 8 way D-Pad, triggers, and a new share button that lets you stream and record gameplay to social media. Its features:

Advanced iOS compatibility: Gamepad for iPhone connects with all lightning connected Apple devices running iOS 7 or later versions. Solve puzzles and battle it out by playing your favorite games on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with our game controller for iPhone. Have an Android? Try their other Android option.

Goodbye to lagging and latency: Experience uninterrupted gameplay with lightning connected wired mobile controller that rules out lagging and latency for clear pictures without skips, glitches, or blurs. Gamepad controller for iPhone has an ergonomic design with removable mobile support post for tactical comfort and agility so that you can show your competitors who the boss is.

Charge & chat as you play: This mobile gaming controller features an improved version of pass through charging technology that charges as you play for unlimited gaming without draining your device. Just plug in the phone controller and play endlessly without the frustration of drained batteries and unfinished battles. Plus it comes with an Audio DAC and headphone socket for chatting as you play.

Compatible with over 1000 games: An affiliate app, Ludu Mapp, is compatible with over 1,000 apps and games. Enjoy your favorite battle royale games on services like xCloud, Stadia, PS Remote Play, Steam Link, Amazon Luna and more with this unique handheld gaming console. The affiliate app is available on the iOS App Store for download to sync up to the game of your choice.

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