If you like coffee, you’ll LOVE iCoffee by Remington

Goodbye bitter and acidic, hello impossibly smooth, rich coffee—thanks to iCoffee and the goodness of steam.



The revolutionary new iCoffee by Remington uses patented SteamBrew technology to steam, tumble and stir coffee, extracting only the most exquisite, locked-in coffee flavors. Seven years and 1,257 prototypes in the making, this is the most innovative coffee maker we have ever seen, and it delivers both the convenience of drip brewers and premium flavor that clearly surpasses the French press. Here’s how it all works: the iCoffee first steams the coffee with optimum moisture and heat. Next, six patented SteamBrew rotational hot water jets further steam, tumble and stir coffee releasing exquisite flavors without the acidic and bitter aftertaste of conventional brewing. Plus, iCoffee’s innovative design lets you observe the SteamBrew process through a unique brew viewing window. iCoffee is a 12-cup fully automatic brewer and is 24-hour programmable. iCoffee saves money and reduces environmental impact by using a proprietary, reuseable Goldtone Filter. The automatic shut-off, 2-hour keep warm feature is terrific. Visit www.icoffee.com for additional info.

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