Our favorite travel media personality is not Rick Steves. He puts us to sleep. It’s not Anthony Bourdain, either. His abrasive style is clearly off-putting. No, it’s Arthur von Wiesenberger, the Santa Barbara bon viveur who for decades has been hosting his own  impressive travel radio show, “Around the World.” Arthur, or Nipper, as he is fondly called, is a true world connoisseur and he easily chats with grace and charm each week together with leading travel experts, globetrotting pros and seasoned road warriors. Nipper is a genial host who knows what he is talking about, having lived around the world since he was a toddler…and lived very well. His contacts and savvy are formidable. If you love travel, you’ll love “Around the World’ and you’ll learn a great deal from what it offers: tips, advice, where to go and where not to, insights and clever repartee. Nipper seeks to extract the best from the world of travel and he does it with a sly sense of humor. But all is not high faluntin’ on the show: Nipper also gives tips on saving money and travel deals. Programs are aired live on Thursdays at 10 am on AM 1290 and streamed at www.ATW.TV as well as www.newspress.com. They are rebroadcasted on Thursday evenings at 8 PM and again on Saturdays at 10 am. The shows are also on Cox Television on Demand, channel 2635 here in Santa Barbara. Around the World can also be heard and seen nationally and internationally at www.atw.tv on Thursdays. After that it resides forever on the site and can be watched at leisure.  

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