The ultimate insider’s guide to Paris

METRONOME (St. Martin’s Griffin) by author, historian, and lifelong Francophile Loránt Deutsch is a #1 bestseller in France and is must reading for anyone who loves Paris or is going there. This book is the ultimate insider’s guide. Part-travel guide, part-history book, it tells the unique history of the world’s most romanticized city from the underground up, devoting each chapter (21 in all) to a different stop of the Paris subway system.  A compelling journey through the ages, METRONOME reveals curiosities like what’s buried underneath the Eiffel Tower (the unmarked graves of the last Gallic warriors) and where you can find the remains of the city’s first cathedral (under a parking lot in the 5th Arrondissement). Connecting ancient, seemingly inaccessible historical periods and events to the present-day foundations of Paris, Deutsch brings history to life in a completely fresh new way.

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