Do not grill without this nifty spatula



As the Spring season approaches, so does outdoor entertaining season, the perfect time to try out new grilling recipes for your friends and family. With high grill temperatures, especially that of Infrared Grills which can go up to 900 degrees, keeping your distance from the burning temperatures is important. Grill Daddy products are designed with safety in mind and have a built in heat shield to protect your skin from the high temperatures.


The professional grade stainless steel Heat Shield Spatula comes equipped with a removable head so that other cooking tools can be attached for use. These additional attachments include a basting brush, a fish flipper, a fork, a slider flipper and a set of tongs. The Heat Shield Spatula also extends for easier reach over a hot grilling surface and the heat shield swivels for continuous protection, which means no more annoying grilling burns! The Heat Shield Spatula retails for $19.99 and each attachment between $6.99 and $9.99. All products can be purchased on

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