If you live in or around Los Angeles, you have only a few days (it closes May 10) to see Mikhail Baryshnikov headlining Big Dance Theatre’s touring production of “Man in a Case,” a performance piece adapted from short stories by the great Russian writer Anton Chekhov. But do not expect to see much of the great dancer dancing; in this experimental high-tech show he acts. The production is visually striking and Baryshnikov is expressive along with his cast who tell two somewhat surreal tales about love, tragedy, isolation, with a dash of comedy. There are confrontations, some caprice, and a spectacular tumble down a flight of stairs by Baryshnikov, which, along with the few dance steps he does execute, were the highlights for us. We left somewhat confused and somewhat depressed (Chekhov does that to us) but it was all in all a most enjoyable evening to see a superstar stretch his acting muscle. See all the action at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, tickets $47-$137, (310) 434-3200.

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