Better-For-You Treats from Mount Franklin

One of this year’s hottest trends is the better-for-you movement. Consumers are looking for better-for-you products and labels that have shorter than average ingredient lists and as a result, Mount Franklin Foods is well-positioned with some delicious offerings. They are perfect to travel with.

Mount Franklin Foods is a leader and innovator in the space with its Sweet Valley Organics line of indulgent non-GMO dark chocolate covered fruits & nuts, its vegan & clean label Softer Than Brittle snack and last but not least, Simply Sunrise that is one of the industry’s few gummy candies made with natural colors and flavors.

Our favorite is SOFTER THAN BRITTLE–a unique soft and flaky brittle that goes back to basics with just seven ingredients from a delicious family recipe that has been have crafted with love for over 60 years. Passionate about family traditions, Melissa Diedricks took her grandmother’s recipe for a unique soft and flaky peanut brittle and formed her company to produce a gourmet brittle that is like no other…a palate pleasing treat. No dairy, gluten, cholesterol, preservatives, hydrogenated oil and vegan. Our favorites: Almond, Cashew and Peanut.

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