Kahawa 1893: Delicious Coffee Direct from the Source

Kahawa 1893 is coffee we can all feel good drinking. Founder and third generation Kenyan coffee farmer Margaret Kemunto Nyamumbo saw how Kenyan women provided over 90% of labor in the African coffee industry. Sadly, these women farmers are largely uncompensated for their work and own just 1% of farmland in their country. She looks to consciously change this for the women with Kahawa 1893.

We tasted the coffee–it is delicious–rich, complex and nuanced. They offer many options: Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Decaf, Whiskey Barrel Aged, Single-serve packs. Go to kahawa1893.com for more information. Kahawa roasts and ships weekly on Tuesdays. Orders received prior to 11:59 pm each Monday will be shipped the next day. Orders received after cutoff will be shipped on the following Tuesday. Orders are shipped from either Berkeley, CA or San Francisco, CA.

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