A WOMAN’S GARDEN, Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things reconnects readers to the awesome power of plants for food, healing, and beauty care. Author Tanya Anderson is an inspiring writer whose goal is to unite us with nature through projects, edibles and art from the garden. This is a powerful book full of guidance and encouragement with valuable ideas on crafting homemade ski care, producing all-natural dyes, mixing multipurpose cleaners, creating plant-based handicrafts, cooking and baking and building unique gardens. Published by Quarto.

LILIES, Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden, captures this iconic flower in all its glory and charm. A contemporary guide filled with gorgeous photos featuring 50 of the most striking and elegant lily varieties. We love the lily for its timeless elegance and this is a perfect book for anyone who appreciates the best bloom. Written by Naomi Slade with photography by Georgianna Lane, published by Gibbs Smith.

THE BACKYARD HOMESTEADER, How to Save Water, Keep Bees, Eat from Your Garden and Live a More Sustainable Life by Alison Candlin is the essential beginner’s manual on living a greener, healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle. Absolutely all you need to know to provide you and your family with homegrown food throughout the year. Published by Gibbs Smith.

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