The wonderful news that England’s borders are open once more for fully vaccinated American travelers has created much excitement. We can’t wait to go back.

London’s Egerton House Hotel by Red Carnation

We are most impressed by the initiatives taken by Red Carnation Hotels in London, a family-owned and operated group of top-notch, exceptional boutique hotels. The passion-for-perfection team at Red Carnation understands that international travel is still fraught with questions at the moment, so they want to reassure American travelers that they will do their very best to take care of you in the way that you have come to expect from The Egerton House Hotel, The Milestone Hotel & Residences, The Chesterfield Mayfair, Hotel 41, The Montague on the Gardens, and The Rubens at the Palace.

For those staying at The Milestone and Egerton House for three nights or more, they are delighted to offer a complimentary PCR testing service. They also have a personal doctor who will conduct Covid-19 tests in your bedroom, returning results within four hours, and their Wellbeing Director will be on hand to make any necessary testing arrangements.

The Milestone Hotel by Red Carnation

Reservations at Red Carnation can be cancelled until 6pm on the day of arrival, for your peace of mind, and they invite you to check-in and checkout at any time on the day of your arrival and departure, however early or late. This insures the ultimate flexibility and gives you even more time to discover their beautiful hotels.

Red Carnation has implemented Leitha CleanCoat™, the first solution of its kind and offers long-term protection by purifying the air and rendering treated surfaces self-disinfecting in an odor-less, chemical-free and sustainable way, decomposing microbes such as bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus family. They are also proud to have partnered with Rensair to utilize their air purifiers in the public areas of their hotels.

What a company–what dedication to generous hospitality and service excellence. There is no better place to stay in all England (and Ireland, Geneva, South Africa, Edinburgh, Guernsey, Botswana and Palm Beach for that matter) than at a Red Carnation hotel! Our first choice all over the globe. Visit

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