Bold Luxury Concierge is the only resource we rely on for premium global travel services, especially transportation. Founded by David Benmen, a young gentleman we have relied on for years to deliver the finest high-end limos, airplanes, and customer care, Bold simply has no competition if you’re searching for the best. We like working with David and Bold because they truly care and invest all the time necessary to personalize our transportation logistics.

From the moment you book with Bold, you’ll experience a world of service so tailored, you’ll feel at home anywhere on the planet. Because to them, the best kind of luxury is about more than needs and desires. It’s about trust. With over a decade of experience delivering upscale service to an A-List clientele, Bold is able to anticipate your needs, so you arrive in style and on time. Times have changed and so has the way we travel. In a world where we are more discerning than ever, impersonal, old-school transportation companies don’t deliver on experience – we know, we’ve worked with them. That’s why Bold built something better. Their service is intuitive and personal, so you feel connected to everything. They are flexible and accommodating, so you can move through the world with ease. Bold is proud to have amassed a global network of hand-picked partners, who are highly vetted by a highly skilled Executive Team to ensure that clients’ needs are not just met–but surpassed.

They have streamlined the booking process to make it easy and clear and their pricing can’t be beat. If you’re looking to have a special curated experience, David has the contacts and know how to make it happen, be it a helicopter flight over the Vatican, a charter boat on Lake Como or a hot air balloon in the vineyards of Napa. David is meticulous and responsive, two qualities we find are sorely lacking in the travel industry today. On the ground, choose between a variety of late-model, perfectly maintained vehicles, ranging from Luxury Sedans and SUVs, to custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans and Motor Coaches. Book for groups of any size, anywhere in the world, you’ll always feel safe and secure in their hands of their vetted, dependable partners. In the air, Bold has a network of first-rate operators, with access to jets of any type. Book for groups of any size, anywhere in the world with no upfront monetary or long-term commitment.

They specialize in cost-effective, luxury aviation experience to suit your needs. Want to be welcomed in style? Their Airport Greeter service assures a seamless and stress-free arrival. Avoid lines, elevate your airport experience, and protect your privacy. They specialize in managing discreet, secure arrivals for high-profile entertainers, corporate executives and the most discerning globetrotters.

Resourceful, detail-oriented, results-driven, extraordinarily motivated and passionate, David Benmen has a remarkable ability to network and develop strong relationships worldwide. Bold will deliver a highly personalized, uniquely fashioned, confidential experience of luxury, and convenience. We highly recommend this cutting edge, highly-niche hospitality firm, for an unparalleled travel experience with a boutique touch. Their focuses are entertainment, corporate, personal and family travel, everywhere and anywhere. With Bold, going above and beyond is the standard, and everyone is a VIP. Contact David and Bold at (516) 471-2479;

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