Back to School Essential for Parents: ComfiGO Booster Seat

Moving from a child’s car seat to a booster seat is a special time in a… parent’s life. It means no more traveling with a bulky 50-pound chunk of plastic and nylon, nor all the accompanying attempts to strap in a tiny person with the will of a wild wolverine and the structural integrity of a bowl of Jell-O. And finally, we’ve found a booster that does it better, paving an easier way for a road full of adventures (and simpler carpooling duty) for new parents. The ComfiGo Booster Seat leaves behind the hard plastic and obstructions for a thin, soft, and cushioned seat that goes directly onto your car’s own seat and is quite comfortable for kids, cutting down on the complaints. With a comfortable rubber base that eliminates movement and sliding. Even more mind-blowing, it’s so light and flexible, you can fit it into your palm and fold it up to store in a purse, tote, or backpack. More importantly, it’s safe. It’s a must-have for parents and a great gift to give to the moms and dads in your life, even though we’re jealous we didn’t have a booster like this when our own little ones were, well, still little ones. Suitable for children ages 4-12 between 40 – 57 inches, with a minimum weight of 40lbs. $59.99;

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