All I want for Christmas is you…and maybe

a vacation in a luxury hotel. 

Or a good book for that matter. Like

EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY: A Traveler’s Guide from Aswan to Alexandria published by Thames & Hudson, a unique volume that offers a fresh look at the most well-known Egyptian myths.  

Join Egyptologist/author Garry J. Shaw on an entertaining tour up the Nile, through a beautiful and fascinating landscape populated with a rich mythology: the stories of Horus, Isis, Osiris, and their enemies and allies in tales of vengeance, tragedy, and fantastic metamorphoses. Shaw retells these stories with his characteristic wit, and reconnects them to the temples and monuments that still stand today, offering a fresh look at the most visited sites of Egypt.

Taking readers on a memorable journey up the Nile, EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY stops at the country’s most famous monuments and retells the myths connected to each site. Illustrations throughout this fascinating book bring to life the creation of the world and the nebulous netherworld; the complicated relationships between fickle gods, powerful magicians, and pharaohs; and eternal battles on a cosmic scale.   

Providing invaluable insights into the myths of Egypt that shaped its ancient landscape and the remnants still visible today, this compelling book will inform and entertain sightseers and armchair travelers alike. 

THE FACE YOGA JOURNAL, Transform Your Face, Mind & Life in 2 Minutes a Day, From Danielle Collins, the world’s leading face yoga expert, this beautiful journal offers daily motivation for a younger-looking face and a calmer mind. The 52-week program will transform your face, mind and life in just 2 minutes a day, with Danielle by your side every step of the way.

This is the first-ever Face Yoga journal, from the best-known Face Yoga teacher in the world. As it’s undated, it can be started at any time of year and then used for 52 weeks, supporting you through a year of Face Yoga practice, and encouraging you to take daily time out for self-care along the way. With Danielle by your side, offering a new exercise each week, plus a motivational quote, a weekly wellness hack and a chance to set yourself a goal and then reflect on your progress at the week’s end, you’ll be motivated to continue practicing and reap the benefits of fresher, more vibrant and younger-looking skin. And it takes just 2 minutes a day to fill in the journal and do the Face Yoga exercise. You can spend more if you like, but just 2 minutes a day will work – and surely we can all spare 2 minutes for ourselves.

There are 52-brand new Face Yoga exercises in this journal along with full explanation of what Face Yoga is and how to do it. You don’t need to own Danielle’s first book to buy this journal, but if you do own it, you’ll certainly want this journal too.

ONE PAN, ONE MEAL by Elena Silcock has over 85 super simple recipes to cook entirely in one pan, from the pan to the table in no time at all.

Included are 85 easy, budget-friendly recipes to suit busy lifestyles and limited kitchen space. All the delicious dishes can be made in one of two pans – either a large saucepan or a non-stick frying pan – and require little to no skill, as directions are just for cooking over a high, medium or low heat. All the recipes can be cooked on a gas, electric or induction stove and you will get the same incredible result every time. The entire meal can be made in a single pan, with no sides to be cooked separately, making these perfect lazy dishes that will keep the washing up to a bare minimum. Featuring easy cheats and supermarket ingredients, these are handy recipes to cook every night of the week and great for feeding a family on a budget.
From light and speedy dishes including Just-add-water beef pho and Vodka risotto with fresh tomatoes, to indulgent and comforting meals like Sausage and broccoli gnocchi and Sweet potato, kale and cashew nut curry, alongside speedy sweet treats such as Chocolate-centre French toast and Baby doughnuts, there are plenty of surprising, nourishing options that the whole family can enjoy together.

HOME HYDROPONICS: Small space DIY growing systems for the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom by Tyler Baras shows how easy it is to build your own soilless growing systems to cultivate greens, veggies, herbs and more. This book is full of fascinati8ng resources and projects. With hydroponics, you can grow productive plants anywhere, even in the total absence of natural sunlight. HOME HYDROPONICS covers everything from crop selection and lighting to nutrient management and site selection. With Tyler Baras’s help, you can turn almost any room into a mini-food farm. Published by Cool Springs Press.

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