Nguyen Coffee Supply’s three unique new roasts!

ENTREE loves the brand new Dark Roast Collection from Vietnamese coffee company Nguyen Coffee Supply

To celebrate the company’s three year anniversary and hours of experimentation with 12 different roast samples, head roaster Sahra Nguyen has perfected three unique new roast profiles for their hand-picked Vietnamese coffee beans. 

Inspired by three lively cities in Vietnam, the Dark Roast Collection boasts distinct flavors you won’t find in any other Vietnamese coffees available. The names of each bag are a nod to the special energy of iconic Vietnamese cities — bold, dynamic and invigorating in their own ways.

To celebrate the collection, you can find the spring recipes that pair best with a dark roast here.  

Saigon – Robusta & Arabica Blend

Flavor notes: Salted Cacao, Blackberry, Hazelnut

Bringing together the unique qualities of both robusta and arabica coffee beans, our Saigon roast is reflective of the most dynamic and progressive city in Vietnam. It’s a perfect blend of tradition and new energy. 

Dalat – 100% Arabica

Flavor notes: Jasmine, Ganache, Strawberry

Dalat is a relaxed and tranquil city lined with lush emerald forests. Our Dalat roast is full of natural sweetness with 100% arabica — a rare coffee bean that comprises less than 10% of Vietnam’s total production.

Hanoi – 100% Robusta

Flavor notes: Tobacco, Graham Cracker, Prunes

Our Hanoi roast is full of character and evocative of tradition, reflective of Vietnam’s capital. With 100% robusta, we developed a roast profile to amplify the natural boldness of the bean while celebrating a classic brew.


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