Shaun Tomson’s insight on a path of purpose in his new book THE SURFER AND THE SAGE

We have admired surfing legend Shaun Tomson for a long time, not only for his graceful skills on the water slashing through waves and artistically riding barrels, but for his sagacity, resilience and positive messaging. Shaun is more than an extraordinary athlete; he is a sage for our times whose words carry valuable meaning and power for health and harmony. No where is this more apparent than in his most recent book, THE SURFER AND THE SAGE: A Guide to Survive and Ride Life’s Waves written with poet-philosopher Noah benShea.

Tomson knows better than most of us that life’s waves can knock you down, as well as sweep you along. But he proposes the choice is always ours to swim back into the light. His experiential and insightful essays on purpose, hope and faith are soul-lifting for anyone who has suffered from loss, depression or lack of direction. 

Accented with stunning full-color surfing photographs, this is advice from two men who have seen the world, met life’s battles and triumphed through faith and hope and now seek to share their knowledge of staying afloat and finding life’s purpose. Noah benShea’s wit and compassionate wisdom is deeply touching. This is a transformative, soul-lifting gem of a book that will help define your priorities, whether you surf or not. We all owe Shaun a big debt for showing the way on land and sea with his sensitive and prescient leadership.

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