Books: stress-free gifting for the little ones

CAN YOU SPOT THE LEOPARD? by Karen B. Winnick is an African wildlife adventure through poems and full-color paintings, full of wondrous animals. Readers begin at sunrise, climbing into a jeep for a bumpy ride to view the animals as they would on a real safari. All the poems are based on real observations of what animals do in the wild, related in an accessible way. Finally, there’s even a sighting of the elusive leopard. A fun, informational and educational delight.

The Adventures of Alex and Ben and the Beachwater Fire Department by Jerome Mourelatos is an enchanting read for kids about two brothers who are firefighters and work together responding to all kinds of calls that lead to different kinds of adventures from fires to car accidents and water-rescue calls and more. Come join them as they set out to help others and discover what lies ahead.

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