A Great Yard Game that Gets Even Better When the Sun Goes Down!

Zber is a totally new family-friendly, outdoor, day or night-time game. A new game that can be played during the day or NIGHT!! With 5 lighted poles and 6 LED lighted frisbee discs, you can play all night with every game being truly unique. Can be played by all ages, day or night. Promotes creativity and camaraderie with just the right balance of competition. No one has played this game without laughing (a lot!)

What the Heck is ZBER?

How it all started:

The inventor was preparing for a family reunion and was looking for an outdoor game that: 

  • Could include more than 2 (or 4) players – unlike corn hole or horseshoes.
  • Did not require athletic jumping, running, twisting, or diving – unlike volleyball, softball, or the various disc-tossing games on the market.  
  • Kept rules and scoring simple – unlike disc golf. 
  • Allows all players to move as a group (which fosters joking and camaraderie)- unlike croquet which can leave an unlucky player stuck behind.

Zber gets even better when the sun goes down!  Up to six people of all ages and abilities can play.  Participants take turns throwing their discs in an attempt to knock the Zber ball off a target pole. The first to do so scores 1 point.  All participants then move together to that pole and take new aim at the 2nd (of five) poles. Once pole 5 is reached, play reverses from pole 5 to pole 1. This continues till a player reaches 3 points, thus winning the game.  That winner gets to “set his/her own course” for the next game.  This allows creativity and variability – no two games are the same.  Poles are self-supporting and can be placed on any surface – grass, sand, rock, asphalt, etc.  And best yet?  The discs & poles light up so Zber can also be played at night.  In fact, Zber is one of VERY FEW yard games.y to also play at night and that was the icing on the cake.

Set Your Own Course: 

Distance between the poles and the course complexity can be varied to create challenges that are appropriate for all ages & skill levels.  With just four rules, Zber is easy to learn.  Scoring is easy–no pars, eagles, or bogies.  No stubby pencils or scorecards needed.  Creative rules and obstacles can be added to each game.  Just like the basketball game of HORSE, you can add rules such as “On hole #3 you have to throw left-handed” or “You have to go around that far spruce tree” or…well, you name and create it.

For more info, https://zberdisc.com

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